Hikari brand

Hikari brand

Our brand "Hikari" is belonged to SCC TECH CO.,LTD.


HIKARI Sprocket kit set consisted of
- Front Sprocket
- Rear Sprocket
- Chain


Front Sprocket 
made from cold forming steel which is classified as symbol used in the Japanese Industrial Standards


Rear Sprocket
made from high carbon steel 

According to the long time experience in automotive industry for 40 years, customer can trust in our professional and product quality. Moreover, we do heat treatment in every single piece to make it stronger and longer life time.


Our chain do have high quality and under JIS standard. Also, all chain are made from Japanese steel that we can trust the quality.


SCC TECH supplies sprocket to OEM such as YAMAHA, KAWASAKI and HONDA HAMP. Therefore, we do have almost all model of motorcycle sprocket under OEM standard and some other modified sprocket in order to proper for different usage.

Download catalog in the document below


OEM available 

- Customised quality of sprocket

- Customised plating color on rear sprocket (Zinc / EDP)

- Customer's brand stamp on front sprocket and rear sprocket

- Packaging design 


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